neděle, prosince 13, 2009

R.I.P. Paul

El Periódico de Catalunya 12/02/09 by Antonio José Navarro

The lycanthrope's last howl

Paul Naschy arrived in Sitges-2009 on a wheelchair and with a sad, lackluster expression. His bout with cancer had sapped his strength, and also his hopes, as he told me personally, once we were away from indiscreet ears. His concluding words were "all I need is more time to be here once again, with my people". His eyes regained their shine on being approached by his fans to sign his autograph on DVDs, books, pictures or any memorabilia bearing the image of Waldemar Daninsky, his most characteristic and beloved character.
At Sitges, Naschy presented his last (and definitive) biography, written by Ángel Agudo, surprised us with his first fantasy novel, Alaric de Marnac, with illustrations by Javier Trujillo, and also talked about the new DVD collection of some of his most representative films -El caminante, Inquisición, El retorno de Walpurgis...-, as well as seasoning his speech with anecdotes about the making of his films. Above all else, however, he bid farewell to us all, his people, with emotion, with pride, with intimate complicity. Such was the lycanthrope's last howl.

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